Monday, June 7, 2010

Bird's eye view

Last week, something happened on my balcony for the first time in the four years I'ved lived in this apartment: there is a bird's nest under the eaves. If I am careful to look out my back door slowly, I can see the parent birds flying in and out to feed their babies. The birds are common sparrows, but...Something magical takes place each morning: I wake up to birdsong and my windchimes ringing outside.
The birds drive Lex nuts. He hears them but does not quite see them, and he wants to hunt them. Their chirping keeps him occupied when he is outside on the balcony.
Birds have fascinated me since childhood. Any animal that can suspend its own body weight in air while flying distances, has my admiration. When geese fly in formation, each bird is suspended on the airlift of another bird. The V formation is most natural to the geese in order to achieve this. Buzzards fly in circles, rising slowly from the ground, on currents of warm air until the birds reach the altitude desired.
My favorite bird is the cardinal, the national bird of Ireland. The bright red and black colors, the distinctive chirp and the behavior are all wonderful.
Eventually, I hope to get photos of the birds' nest under the eaves. If not, maybe a photo of the crow's nest in the top of the pine tree. As long as the squirrels don't divebomb nuts on my head again.
Godspeed to you, keep the lighthouse in sight.


  1. Wow a crows nest how fun they are one of my favorite birds.

  2. Beautifully written, such joy! Thank you!

  3. I watch the birds out the window all the time. My dad calls them dinosaurs with wings since he believes they are distant ancestors of those extinct beings. My favorites are the geese.