Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So, my name is beaglelover and this is my first blog on my page. The name is rather obvious, I am a big fan of dogs, beagles in particular. The object of my affection is dozing next to me on the couch and blowing farts in his sleep. What a lovely life.
I grew up in Southern California, near Los Angeles. I thought I had the typical life for a Californian kid, until I graduated from high school and moved into the world beyond my little bubble of consciousness. Then, everything blew wide open for me. Many years later, I sit in this dark, sad little apartment and wonder where all the time went.
A few words about this blogspot: I do not promise to be faithful in writing every day or even every month. I do not promise to keep to one topic per blog or per sentence. My blogs may not make any sense, especially on days when I am in a mental fog. And I do not expect that anyone will read these blogs anyway. But just in case anyone is paying attention, I just wanted to clarify my motives and intentions. Until next time, have a happy day.
Godspeed to you, keep the lighthouse in sight.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Mom and I will be happy to read whatever and whenever you post!

  2. i am happy to swim through and read your blog. (please excuse any water spots) i have no expectations and neither should you. :D

    L♥VE YOU!